• Cutting edge LED illumination technology creates real-time updated, geolocation specific advertising opportunities within wheels of cars
  • First time that Motorsport can display logos, taglines, social media messages and race information within the race car wheels
  • LED display features instantly updated technology, using
    satellite connections to link advertisements to locations
  • Lightz is at the forefront of advertising innovation

Media First


Logos and brand communications can be updated in real time by geolocation to enhance the brand’s visibility.

Race Information

The viewing experience can be enhanced with race information displayed on particular parts of the track. Examples could include top speed, race position, tire type, last pit stop & many more.

Social Interaction

Dynamic engagement with fans is the next evolution in motorsport advertising. Lightz can be used for Twitter polls, Facebook likes & many other forms of social interaction.

Sponsorship / Advertising

  • Amplify your Sponsorship activation and Advertising strategy
  • Associate your Brand with innovation and technological progress
  • Digital logos and high definition images create high impact and visibility
  • Dynamic technology can integrate TV, track-side and social media advertising strategies